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Bristol Motor Speedway

on Sat, 03/10/2012 - 03:38

Bristol Motor Speedway is the 4th largest sports venue in America, and the 8th largest in the world, housing up to 165,000 people. The track is so short that speeds here are far lower than is typical on most NASCAR oval tracks, but very fast compared to other short tracks due to the high banking, making for a considerable amount of "swapping paint". Also, the initial starting grid of 43 vehicles (in the Cup and Nationwide Series; 36 in the Truck Series) extends almost halfway around the track, meaning that the slower-qualifying cars begin the race almost half a lap down. The congestion inherent in this facility and the power of the cars has been likened to "flying fighter jets in a gymnasium" (the terms "washing machine" and "toilet" have also been used). The track is one that tends to be either loved or hated by fans and drivers alike—purists who grew up driving or attending races at older short tracks located at fairgrounds and similar places tend to love Bristol while those raised on super speedway racing tend to chafe at the lower speeds. Bristol is among the most popular tracks on the NASCAR schedule because of its distinct features, that include extraordinarily steep banking, an all concrete surface, two pit roads and stadium-like seating. Recently it was named one of the loudest Nascar tracks.

Loacted at: 151 Speedway Boulevard  Bristol, TN 37620 Tel (423) 989-6960  More Info...

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